Global Belly Laugh Day

We want to create a global movement to CELEBRATE THE LIFE OF ROBIN WILLIAMS ON JULY 21st which is his birthday.  We wish to help his spirit grow and continue bringing love and laughter to all… and most importantly to make the world a better place.

On January 24th we joined Global Belly Laugh Day and created our own experience of joy and laughter.  This is just one of many “holidays” we hope to enjoy. 

global belly laughs
Click this image to see the Muppets video if you want about conflict and sharing, but the pieces below will make you laugh, especially watching Robin and Billy.

Oui know you need a some love and this is our gift to you!
So please laugh and…. SEIZE THE DAY!

You are welcome to join us, if you want to play!

Our kids just want to fart and curse….

I’ve fallen and I can’t get off!

Make your life spectacular!  I know I did!

The powerful play goes on in YOU…
and you may contribute a verse.

What will your verse be?